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English-Hindi > transmitting aerial

transmitting aerial meaning in Hindi

transmitting aerial sentence in Hindi
transmitting    प्रसारण
aerial    एरियल
1.Once installation of the transmitting aerials on the new mast was complete, the old one was dismantled.

2.The altitude of the transmitting aerials is 231 metres, the actual tower being around in height and of a similar design to many of the repeaters around the country.

3.To the west of the igloo are four square concrete foundations, approximately 1.5 m x 1.5 m, which are the foundations of the wooden tower, which housed the transmitting aerials.

4.Following the modifications the wireless transmitting aerial was supported on a frame behind the fin; but was later replaced with a whip aerial on the starboard side of the fin which could be rotated hydraulically to a horizontal position.

5.In the immediate post-war years, Queensland Police acquired wireless equipment from the Civil Defence Organisation, which was installed in a number of suburban police stations to receive broadcasts from station VKR . Improvements to the two-way transmission system in 1946 47 increased the coverage to a 60 miles radius of Police Wireless Station VKR . In the late 1940s a 70-foot aerial pole was erected in the Petrie Terrace Police Depot grounds to support transmitting aerials for the interstate police wireless service, which became increasingly important as a police tool.

an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals
Synonyms: antenna, aerial,

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