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English-Hindi > treasure chest

treasure chest meaning in Hindi

treasure chest sentence in Hindi
• रत्न-मंजूषा

• तिजोरी
treasure    कोष खजाना
chest    छाती ट्रंक डब्बा
1.It taps the decade's melodic treasure chest without getting stuck in'70s camp.

2.The ad shows a tantalizing glimpse of gold inside a treasure chest.

3.An explorer must get all the treasure chests while avoiding the monsters.

4.The winner may then receive an item randomly generated from treasure chests.

5.The BBC called it " a treasure chest of pop gold ".

6.A home should be a treasure chest of life, a happiness machine.

7.If you have ancestors from Louisiana, it's like a treasure chest ."

8.The small vertical line next to the player represents a treasure chest.

9.Be sure to visit " Lloyd's Treasure Chest " in the basement.

10.By opening up treasure chests, players can extend the time with a dreamer.

a chest filled with valuables

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