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treasure hunting sentence in Hindi

"treasure hunting" meaning in Hindi  
  • Treasure hunting is more romance and adventure than making money, they say.
  • They told museum officials that inviting Kinkor was akin to condoning treasure hunting.
  • An alternative would be to merge to Treasure hunting or something like that.
  • It will be the first such effort by a Western treasure hunting concern.
  • "' Treasure hunting "'is an expression which nowadays applies mainly to maritime salvage.
  • Themes of the boards include dreams of toys and treasure hunting, among others.
  • Mission type ranges from rescue to escort to exterminate villains to treasure hunting.
  • Except for treasure hunting, there has been no known activities pertaining to Lagundang Cave.
  • I will respect private property and do no treasure hunting without the owner's permission.
  • The upper cave was destroyed by treasure hunting and illicit diggings, which left-deep pits.
  • "That's an oxymoron _ honest treasure hunting, " he says.
  • Despite centuries of treasure hunting and archaeology, much remains hidden.
  • Characters who gain wealth, have only managed to do so through treasure hunting and looting.
  • Billy Causey, the sanctuary's superintendent, said it was not his intention to stop treasure hunting.
  • Libraries are great places to research treasure hunting locations.
  • The group employed the divining rod for both treasure hunting and other forms of revelation.
  • The player is then prompted to save, and the Treasure Hunting part of the phase begins.
  • "The Gilded Man " is one of Barks's ever-popular comic book adventure / treasure hunting stories.
  • He never did, although his treasure hunting exploits provided plenty of material for his lecture tours.
  • "Shabby Chic : Treasure Hunting & Decorating Guide " ( HarperCollins Publishers ) by Rachel Ashwell
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