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treasure ship sentence in Hindi

"treasure ship" meaning in Hindi
  • He was killed there in 1563, while hunting down Spanish treasure ships.
  • 1656-English fleet under Robert Blake captures Spanish treasure ships off Cadiz, Spain.
  • These were possibly the 48 treasure ships for the third voyage.
  • The treasure ships had an enormous cargo of various products.
  • Ma Huan's " Yingya Shenglan " recorded 63 treasure ships for the fourth voyage.
  • Users were asked the time at which various treasure ships were arriving at the port.
  • The treasure ships were likely accompanied by support ships.
  • "Lake Superior's Treasure Ship : The Fateful End of the Comet " headlines one exhibit.
  • Scholars disagree about the factual accuracy and correct interpretation of accounts of the treasure ships.
  • He later devised the naval blockade to intercept treasure ships leaving Mexico and South America.
  • The Yangtze river, with its calmer waters, may have been navigable by these treasure ships.
  • This probably included most of the remaining treasure ships according to Dreyer ( 2007 ).
  • The plunder of Aurangzeb's treasure ship had serious consequences for the English East India Company.
  • One of its goals was to try to intercept the Spanish treasure ships departing from Mexico.
  • These 255 ships plus the 62 treasure ships adds up to the total of 317 ships.
  • The envoys boarded three treasure ships and set sail from Sumatra to the port of Aden.
  • After Zheng He's voyages, the treasure ships were decommissioned, and sat in harbours until they rotted away.
  • I don't know about any treasure ships but I know I can find you Blackbeard's ship ."
  • :" Nelson in 1797 lost his arm in a fight with a treasure ship off Santa Cruz.
  • The treasure found in the fort and on board two treasure ships was worth some two million dollars.
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