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English-Hindi > treasure ship

treasure ship meaning in Hindi

treasure ship sentence in Hindi
• कोशवाहक पोत
treasure    कोष खजाना
ship    जलयान जहाज जहाज़
1.He was killed there in 1563, while hunting down Spanish treasure ships.

2.1656-English fleet under Robert Blake captures Spanish treasure ships off Cadiz, Spain.

3.These were possibly the 48 treasure ships for the third voyage.

4.The treasure ships had an enormous cargo of various products.

5.Ma Huan's " Yingya Shenglan " recorded 63 treasure ships for the fourth voyage.

6.Users were asked the time at which various treasure ships were arriving at the port.

7.The treasure ships were likely accompanied by support ships.

8."Lake Superior's Treasure Ship : The Fateful End of the Comet " headlines one exhibit.

9.Scholars disagree about the factual accuracy and correct interpretation of accounts of the treasure ships.

10.He later devised the naval blockade to intercept treasure ships leaving Mexico and South America.

a 16th-century ship loaded with treasure

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