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treasure trove sentence in Hindi

"treasure trove" meaning in Hindi
  • And this year's nominees brought us a treasure trove of indelible images.
  • We believe this is a real mine of information, a treasure trove,
  • To her friends and family in Cuba, she is a treasure trove.
  • The result is a treasure trove of fascinating facts and nostalgic delights.
  • The town is an extraordinary treasure trove of antiques, big and small.
  • The surviving plays by Aristophanes are a treasure trove of comic presentation.
  • Sandy Hook's Gateway National Recreation Area provided a treasure trove of trash.
  • The White House is a treasure trove of antiques, art and oddities.
  • Baseball can knock down that international door and find a treasure trove.
  • As far as entertaining goes, these places are a treasure trove of ideas.
  • "This has become a little treasure trove for the airlines, " Carter said.
  • It will be a treasure trove of information, " he said.
  • It would be a scientifically rich treasure trove were such an experiment feasible.
  • She possesses, of course, a treasure trove of anecdotes about them.
  • Upstairs in Grandma's Attic is a treasure trove of dress-up things.
  • It is a treasure trove that should not be thrown away.
  • In his preface, Wolff explains how he gathered his treasure trove of trash.
  • Also hidden in the gloom _ a treasure trove worth millions.
  • Telugu folk literature is stunningly rich by having a treasure trove of proverbs.
  • The Mekong Delta has been dubbed as a " biological treasure trove ".
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