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treasury stock sentence in Hindi

"treasury stock" meaning in Hindi
  • One way of accounting for treasury stock is with the cost method.
  • Bankinter will also ask shareholders to cancel part of its treasury stock.
  • The repurchased shares will be held as treasury stock for general corporate purposes.
  • The shares were sold to participants out of treasury stock, Union Pacific said.
  • The shares will be retired as treasury stock, the company said.
  • Treasury stocks in the UK refers to government bonds or gilts.
  • This is the seventh time that Bankinter has canceled treasury stock.
  • Another common way for accounting for treasury stock is the par value method.
  • Therefore, common stock is debited and treasury stock is credited.
  • In either method, any transaction involving treasury stock cannot increase the amount of retained earnings.
  • Seven percent of Gazprom's shares are held as treasury stock for eventual sale to institutional investors.
  • The shares were purchased from Santander's treasury stock and not in the open market, a Santander official said.
  • In this method, the paid-in capital account is reduced in the balance sheet when the treasury stock is bought.
  • They will come from Gazprom's treasury stock of 9 percent of the company's shares set aside for foreign investors.
  • The stock purchased will be used for acquisitions, contributions to company pension plans or for treasury stock, the company said.
  • The SFC noted that companies would be more prepared to buy back shares if they could be treated as treasury stock.
  • The Tours, France-based company also said it would sell its treasury stock to Auchan, which represents 4.7 percent of Docks's capital.
  • The stock will become treasury stock and could be used for a wide range of purposes including acquisitions, the company said.
  • Instead of retiring shares, as previously done, they go into Dell's treasury stock account, so there is no impact on retained earnings.
  • They would prefer to keep the shares as " Treasury stock " so that they can be sold when prices surge upwards.
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