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English-Hindi > treasury stock

treasury stock meaning in Hindi

treasury stock sentence in Hindi
• खजाना स्टॉक
• निगमाधीन स्टॉक
• सरकारी स्टॉक
treasury    निधान निधि भंडार
stock    भण्डार स्टक
1.One way of accounting for treasury stock is with the cost method.

2.Bankinter will also ask shareholders to cancel part of its treasury stock.

3.The repurchased shares will be held as treasury stock for general corporate purposes.

4.The shares were sold to participants out of treasury stock, Union Pacific said.

5.The shares will be retired as treasury stock, the company said.

6.Treasury stocks in the UK refers to government bonds or gilts.

7.This is the seventh time that Bankinter has canceled treasury stock.

8.Another common way for accounting for treasury stock is the par value method.

9.Therefore, common stock is debited and treasury stock is credited.

10.In either method, any transaction involving treasury stock cannot increase the amount of retained earnings.

stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale; it is issued but not outstanding; it cannot vote and pays no dividends
Synonyms: treasury shares, reacquired stock,

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