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English-Hindi > trial and error method

trial and error method meaning in Hindi

trial and error method sentence in Hindi

जाँच और भूल विधि
जांच और भूल विधि
trial    योग्यता की
trial and error    प्रयत्न-त्रुटि
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
error    गलती त्रुटि दोष
method    संचार कायदा क्रम
1.Instead of trial and error methods the systems lies on global data analytics.

2.There is no known algorithm for finding such an a, except the trial and error method.

3.To keep aspects of it intact, Shimomura used a trial and error method to arrange the piece.

4.Or do I continue a trial and error method of posting until one is considered nuetral enough to remain?

5.Actual fret spacing on the fretboard was often done by trial and error method ( testing ) over the ages.

6.In designing multiple effect evaporators, trial and error methods with many iterations are usually the fastest and most efficient.

7.What is this trial and error method used to solve the the rate and the year of payment when it comes to annuities?

8.Without Hyatt's work, more dangerous trial and error methods would have largely been depended on for the advancement in the technology.

9.By utilizing virtual process planning, the entire production process can be designed to both maximize efficiency and avoid the trial and error method employed by most manufacturers.

10.A trial and error method can be used to identify the equivalent yield of a DCF, or if using Excel, the goal seek function can be used.

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