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English-Hindi > turn on

turn on meaning in Hindi

turn on sentence in Hindi
1.And that's where you've got to get them turned on
और वहाँ आपको उन्हे प्रभावित करने की आवश्यकता है

2.To turn on the lights or to bring him a glass of water,
लाईट जलाने के लिए या उनके लिए पानी लाने के लिए,

3.The lights are turned on and off by the cloud,
रोशनी चालू और बंद बादल के द्वारा की जाती हैं

4.But when you flip open a newspaper, when you turned on the TV,
लेकिन जब आप अखबार खोलते हैं या टीवी ऑन करके देखते हैं,

5.Turn on accessibility features from the keyboard
कुंजीपटल से पहुंच सुविधाओं को चालू करें (T)

6.Please plug in or turn on your Wacom tablet
कृपया अपने Wacom टैबलेट को चालू या प्लगिन करें

7.And you get him turned on, then he'll learn all the new stuff.
और जब वह प्रेरित हो जाएगा , तब वह बहुत सी नई बाते सीख लेगा

8.Some guy's going to turn on the brake lights
तभी कोई बन्दा ब्रेक की बत्तियां जला दे

9.Beep when features turned on or off from keyboard
कुंजी पटल से जब विशेषताओं को प्रारंभ या बन्द करें तो बीप बजाएँ (f)

10.Beep when accessibility features are turned on or off
कुंजी पटल से जब विशेषताओं को प्रारंभ या बन्द करें तो बीप बजाएँ (a)

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become hostile towards; "The dog suddenly turned on the mailman"

get high, stoned, or drugged; "He trips every weekend"
Synonyms: trip, trip out, get off,

cause to operate by flipping a switch; "switch on the light"; "turn on the stereo"
Synonyms: switch on,

stimulate sexually; "This movie usually arouses the male audience"
Synonyms: arouse, sex, excite, wind up,

cause to be agitated, excited, or roused; "The speaker charged up the crowd with his inflammatory remarks"
Synonyms: agitate, rouse, charge, commove, excite, charge up,

produce suddenly or automatically; "Turn on the charm"; "turn on the waterworks"

be contingent on; "The outcomes rides on the results of the election"; "Your grade will depends on your homework"
Synonyms: depend on, devolve on, depend upon, ride, hinge on, hinge upon,

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