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turn ratio sentence in Hindi

"turn ratio" meaning in Hindi
  • Rifling follows a 1 : 12 turn ratio with 4 right hand twists.
  • In principle this can always be done with a transformer, however the turns ratio of a transformer is not adjustable.
  • Then the turns ratio or impedance ratio of the transformer would have to be such as to somewhat match the coil impedance.
  • However, they have the disadvantage of requiring the addition of an ideal transformer with a turns ratio equal to the scaling factor.
  • While ? is dimensionless for usual transformers ( the turns ratio ), it has the dimension charge / length in the case of electromechanical coupling.
  • The turns ratio will determine how high the induced voltage is, so extreme caution is urged to prevent a dangerous shock from the induced voltage.
  • The ratio of turns in the secondary winding to the number of turns in the primary winding, is called the " turns ratio ".
  • The resistance and reactance of the transformer windings and doorbell, as well as the turns ratio will effect the efficiency, output voltage, and output current.
  • MIL-STD-1553B specifies the transformer characteristics and turns ratio of 1.4 : 1 with the higher turns on the isolation resistor side of the stub.
  • LTCs and voltage regulators refer to transformers with variable turns ratios that are placed at strategic points in a network and adjusted to raise or lower voltage as is necessary.
  • The turns ratio will determine whether the voltage is stepped up, stepped down, or the same as in the primary ( the winding in series with the doorbell ).
  • It seemed that the manufacturer of such a transformer adjusted the turns ratio to give a slightly high no-load voltage so as to ensure rated voltage at rated current.
  • A transformer with a turns ratio of 3 : 1 would provide an impedance transformation of 9 : 1, which will match the antenna to a 50-ohm transmission line.
  • A beneficial side effect is that the output impedance of the valves, and thus the transformer turns ratio needed, is reduced, making it easier to construct a wide bandwidth transformer.
  • The turns ratio between the primary and secondary coil is selected so that the voltage across the secondary reaches a very high value, enough to arc across the gap of the spark plug.
  • A transformer with a turns ratio of 5 : 2 would provide an impedance transformation of 6.25 : 1, which will match the antenna to a 75-ohm transmission line.
  • No load tap changers are often utilized in situations in which a transformer's turn ratio doesn't require frequent changing and it is permissible to de-energize the transformer system.
  • One or both of the coils usually had several taps which could be selected with a switch, allowing adjustment of the number of turns of that transformer and hence the " turns ratio ".
  • With no load, and 7200 volts on the primary winding, it would have a turns ratio of 7200 / 240 or 30 : 1, and the no load voltage would be 240.
  • "a load tap changer ( LTC ) at the substation transformer, which changes the turns ratio in response to load current and thereby adjusts the voltage supplied at the sending end of the feeder;
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