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English-Hindi > ulmus laevis

ulmus laevis meaning in Hindi

ulmus laevis sentence in Hindi
जलीय चिराबेल
laevis    चिकना चिक्कण
1.In Europe, the European White Elm " Ulmus laevis " has received much attention.

2."Ulmus laevis " has very occasionally been planted as an ornamental tree in the UK, and even more randomly in countryside hedgerows.

3.The species was first identified, as " Ulmus laevis ", by Pallas, in his " Flora Rossica " published in 1784.

4.Only on the territory of RLP, in Tchorsivsky park, in the former estate of the Tropinins you can see aged European ashes ( Fraxinus excelsior ), elm trees ( Ulmus laevis ), black locusts ( Gleditschia triacanthos ) and embrace three together centennial black poplars ( Populus nigra ).

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