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English-Hindi > unmarried man

unmarried man meaning in Hindi

unmarried man sentence in Hindi
अविवाहित पुरुष
unmarried    अनब्याहा अनब्याही
man    तुम नर नौकर पति
1.Gore now leads among unmarried men and women, polls show.

2.The lighthouse keepers chosen were therefore only single, unmarried men.

3.Saudi Arabia forbids the interaction of unmarried men and women in public.

4.The penance for unmarried men over 20 is not mentioned.

5.Taxes were also levied on an unmarried man until he was wed.

6.Yet, there is no other female equivalent of an unmarried man.

7.Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman.

8.Iran's puritanical Islamic laws forbid socializing between unmarried men and women.

9.Most are devout, unmarried men in their 20s.

10.Unmarried men and women have equal ownership rights to moveable and immoveable property.

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