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up area sentence in Hindi

"up area" meaning in Hindiup area in a sentence
  • Such quakes can cause considerable damage and injury in a built-up area.
  • Benevolent Missionary Organizations set up areas like Sunday schools, hospitals and dormitories.
  • Others, however, set up areas where attendees can sit down and play.
  • Previous restrictions of flying over built up areas were removed during 2008.
  • This helped open up areas of Michigan to settlement by European Americans.
  • These are three-bedroom units with a built-up area of 650 square feet.
  • Now, they have to ratchet up areas where they may be vulnerable.
  • The total built up area of the campus is more than.
  • On the south end of the runway is a run-up area.
  • Springs can be used go gain access to high up areas.
  • In built up areas they will forage in large parking lots.
  • The South Stand also houses a gymnasium and warm up area.
  • He's opened up areas of education for us very quietly and very strongly.
  • There will be a cozy, nooky kind of area and a dress-up area.
  • Towards the west the built-up area has extended right to Zabreznica.
  • Many camped overnight on beaches, shunning built-up areas for fear of more attacks.
  • The built-up area of Zografou is continuous with that of Athens.
  • Many camped overnight on beaches, shunning built-up areas in case of more attacks.
  • It borders the built up area of Birmingham to the north.
  • Instruments pick up areas with frequent small quakes, around magnitude 3.
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