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up beat sentence in Hindi

"up beat" meaning in Hindiup beat in a sentence
  • "They deliver a superb old school, up beat rock performance.
  • Finished up beats and powerful rhymes which really makes listeners feel knocked out.
  • The album also incorporates chopped up beats and digital manipulation of assorted sound clips.
  • But the Group A runners-up beat the A winners in the gold medal match.
  • Some 350 international police officers have also taken up beats across Kosovo, according to the United Nations.
  • Some 350 international police officers also have taken up beats across Kosovo, according to the United Nations.
  • While others would spin rock'n'roll records Aku played up beat music from the 1960s.
  • The coaching staff, generally up beat the last two weeks, spent most of Tuesday barking at players.
  • But those moments were few and far between as fans chanted along and danced to hyped-up beats.
  • He's not there to scramble your brains or drive you batty with jacked up beats-per-minutes.
  • "' Dyllis Mustardseed "'- Dyllis Mustardseed is an up beat, though shy character in the series.
  • At some point, this is more than just a high-tech cop on a new kind of souped-up beat.
  • It's been three years since the World Cup runner-ups beat a country ranked in FIFA's Top 10.
  • To help reduce NATO's load, some 350 international police officers have taken up beats across Kosovo, the United Nations said.
  • Biblical allusions were scant in the 1970s when Waits was dishing up Beat rants and crashing at the Tropicana motor lodge on the Sunset Strip.
  • A month before the Moog Liberation was advertised, Mattson purchased ad space in " Up Beat " trade magazine touting the Syntar.
  • Atlanta-based UPS beat out competing bids from American and United airlines and from Polar Air Cargo after mounting an extensive lobbying campaign in Washington.
  • He fired a low shot that Lehmann failed to hold and the unmarked Lampard, following up beat the German from 10 yards ( meters ).
  • Using cut up beats, Newbuild ", was released in 1988, but he soon left the group to concentrate on his solo work.
  • According to Lynford, Simon was branded " dull and boring and not fun and up beat like all gay men " by the British press.
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