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English-Hindi > upright piano

upright piano meaning in Hindi

upright piano sentence in Hindi
अनुलम्ब पियानो
upright    खड़ा खम्भा खड़ा
piano    पियानो पियानो
1.There is an upright piano in the northeastern corner of the church.

2.Used upright pianos can be purchased for less than $ 1, 000.

3.Subsequently production of upright pianos was moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Greenwood.

4."He's a blue-collar guy, sitting at a junky upright piano in Brooklyn.

5."I remember I used to play an upright piano, " she recalled.

6.Marley played guitar, while Norman played an upright piano and sang backup.

7.And sales of upright pianos from both factories fell even more sharply.

8.Victoria Little, a Rhode Island-based seamstress, has slip-covered upright pianos and pool tables.

9.Her mother played; their upright piano had belonged to her grandmother.

10.Benedict also moved personal possessions to the Papal Apartments, including an upright piano.

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a piano with a vertical sounding board
Synonyms: upright,

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