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uvular consonant sentence in Hindi

"uvular consonant" meaning in Hindi
  • Comox has a larae number of uvular consonants ( ).
  • The very small oral cavity used to produce uvular consonants makes it difficult to sustain voicing.
  • True uvular consonants appear to be incompatible with advanced tongue root, [  ATR ].
  • Before or after a uvular consonant, is retracted to, is retracted to, and to.
  • In many languages, the uvula is used to articulate a range of consonant sounds, known as uvular consonants.
  • Some scholars analyse the velar ( or palatal ? ) consonants and the uvular consonants as two separate sets of phonemes.
  • Kusunda also lacks the retroflex consonant phonemes common to the region, and is unique in the region in having uvular consonants.
  • Alveolars are often pronounced palatalized, though not in the vicinity of a uvular consonant . is normally pronounced with affrication, as.
  • The allophonic lowering of and before uvular consonants is shown in the modern orthography by writing and as and respectively before uvulars and.
  • When adjacent to the uvular consonants "'q !  "', short vowels are lowered allophonically to respectively.
  • For example, letters with a rightward-facing hook at the bottom represent retroflex consonants; and small capital letters usually represent uvular consonants.
  • In the Greenlandic language, it represents as the result of an assimilation of a consonant cluster with a uvular consonant as the first component.
  • In general, velar consonants occur before front vowels and uvular consonants before back vowels, so it is frequently not necessary to specify these values in the orthography.
  • Unlike other uvular consonants, the uvular trill is articulated without a retraction of the tongue, and therefore doesn't lower neighboring high vowels the way uvular stops commonly do.
  • Vaux ( 1999 ) proposes a phonological explanation : uvular consonants normally involve a neutral or a retracted tongue root, whereas voiced stops often involve advanced tongue root : two articulations that cannot physically co-occur.
  • As noted in the vowel chart above, there is an allophone of ( orthographic " aa " ) which is realized as under the influence of uvular consonants, however this is not consistent for all speakers.
  • One current idea is that the " palatovelars " were in fact simple velars, i . e ., while the " plain velars " were pronounced farther back, perhaps as uvular consonants, i . e ..
  • In proportion to the frequency of uvular consonants, is even more common, as would be expected from the very small oral cavity used to pronounce a voiceless uvular stop ., on the other hand, is quite rare.
  • However, since there is no underscore diacritic available, the e-mail orthography represents the uvular consonants with a digraph of the velar consonant plus " h " in the same manner as in the Canadian orthography.
  • Is used in the transcription of Australian Aboriginal languages such as Pitjantjatjara for a retroflex lateral, written in the IPA . In the Greenlandic language, it represents as the result of an assimilation of a consonant cluster with a uvular consonant as the first component.
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