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English-Hindi > vacant possession

vacant possession meaning in Hindi

vacant possession sentence in Hindi
खाली मकान का कब्ज़ा
vacant    रिक्ति रिक्तिका
possession    आधिपत्य कब्जा
1.The Town Planner says that he will be back and take over the castle by vacant possession.

2.My son bought an apartment in Taman Kosas, Ampang and was given vacant possession in November, 1994.

3.In 2000 the vacant possession value of the site was stated in Hansard as being ?.6 million.

4.In the end the 25th Brigade walked in and took vacant possession on 2 November, the Japanese having abandoned it some time before.

5.""'Vacant Possession " "'is the title of the second novel by British author Hilary Mantel, first published in 1986 by Chatto and Windus.

6.Giving'vacant possession'refers to a legal obligation to ensure that a property is in a state fit to be occupied at a given point in time.

7.These became subject to decontrol by the 1923 Act when the landlord obtained vacant possession or granted a new minimum period two-year lease or tenancy.

8."This is as soon as Malaysia Airports Bhd ( MAB ) gives us vacant possession of the space that has been allocated to us, " he added.

9.The delay in issuing CFs has put 532 house buyers in a dilemma as they have received the vacant possession and begun payments to the bank since January last year.

10.The Bishop, Thomas Plunket, demanded vacant possession of the property, and on Wednesday, 1 June 1859, the sheriff, his bailiffs and a force of police attempted to take vacant possession of the school.

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