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vacant post sentence in Hindi

"vacant post" meaning in Hindi
  • Gen . Jibril Rajoub, to the vacant post of national security adviser.
  • The end of the plague allowed vacant posts to be filled.
  • The PCS Examinations are held randomly subject to the availability of vacant posts.
  • But the panel has one new member and one vacant post.
  • The vacant post was then undertaken by party stalwart and veteran Daniel Kwelagobe.
  • The company appointed three executives to fill the vacant posts.
  • SECTRETARY-GENERAL _ Kgalema Mothlanthe, 48, lone candidate for vacant post.
  • A new poll would be held for this vacant post, according to this constitution.
  • If their resignations are accepted, new elections will be held for the vacant posts.
  • Theobald in 1154 named Becket Henry II for the vacant post of Lord Chancellor,
  • On September 6, 2009, Healey announced that she would not run for the vacant post.
  • New elections will be held for the vacant posts.
  • Clinton has appointed three successors to the vacant posts.
  • The ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party immediately proposed its chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky to the vacant post.
  • We have an interest in filling the vacant post of commandant as soon as possible,
  • The vacant post of defense minister was filled by Art Eggleton, formerly the trade minister.
  • Elated and assuming that he will be appointed to the vacant post, Brande hurries to Madrid.
  • Tea Chamrath, co-defense minister in Hun Sen's council of advisers, has been offered Ranariddh's vacant post.
  • Separately, Roche said it appointed pharmaceuticals chief Franz Humer chief operating officer, filling a vacant post.
  • Filling the vacant post of Germany coach has triggered infighting among the country's top sports officials.
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