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English-Hindi > vacant post

vacant post meaning in Hindi

vacant post sentence in Hindi

रिक्त पद
रिक्‍त पद
vacant    रिक्ति रिक्तिका
post    स्थान प्रहरी
1.Gen . Jibril Rajoub, to the vacant post of national security adviser.

2.The end of the plague allowed vacant posts to be filled.

3.The PCS Examinations are held randomly subject to the availability of vacant posts.

4.But the panel has one new member and one vacant post.

5.The vacant post was then undertaken by party stalwart and veteran Daniel Kwelagobe.

6.The company appointed three executives to fill the vacant posts.

7.SECTRETARY-GENERAL _ Kgalema Mothlanthe, 48, lone candidate for vacant post.

8.A new poll would be held for this vacant post, according to this constitution.

9.If their resignations are accepted, new elections will be held for the vacant posts.

10.Theobald in 1154 named Becket Henry II for the vacant post of Lord Chancellor,

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