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English-Hindi > vacuum brake

vacuum brake meaning in Hindi

vacuum brake sentence in Hindi

निर्वात ब्रेक
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
brake    ब्रेक लगाना आरोध
1.The same engines received vacuum brakes as well, between 1928 and 1931.

2.K�rting vacuum brakes could be found in many trains of the time.

3.Peru and Switzerland where today vacuum brakes are used by secondary railways.

4.Other African railways are believed to continue to use the vacuum brake.

5.The locomotives were fitted with steam brakes, the tenders with vacuum brakes.

6.Steam and vacuum brakes, as well as steam heating were provided.

7.The cars were fitted with vacuum brake and passenger alarm signal.

8.They have a top speed of 70 mph, with slam-doors, and vacuum brakes.

9.For operations in the Netherlands, the vacuum brake equipment was disconnected.

10.A primary fault of vacuum brakes is the inability to easily find leaks.

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