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vacuum chamber sentence in Hindi

"vacuum chamber" meaning in Hindi
  • His design included ion beams to shoot ions into the vacuum chamber.
  • They hide in the second vacuum chamber as the oxygen cylinders detonate.
  • This was tested on Earth with lunar simulant in a vacuum chamber.
  • Everyday objects also not not sublime when in a vacuum chamber for example.
  • And no clean rooms or vacuum chambers should be required for their manufacture.
  • Using himself as bait, he successfully lures the invader into the vacuum chamber.
  • Small samples can be cleaved in the vacuum chamber prior to RHEED analysis.
  • A vacuum chamber is at the heart of the technology.
  • Of course, with a very large mirror, a very large vacuum chamber is required.
  • For this purpose dispensing systems are equipped with vacuum chambers.
  • The receiver may be enclosed in a glass vacuum chamber.
  • The NASA researchers then exposed the samples to atomic oxygen in a vacuum chamber.
  • Their patented'pulsed-plasma'process takes place under low pressure within a vacuum chamber at room temperature.
  • There are also cold plasmas, usually generated inside vacuum chambers, at low pressure regimes.
  • Jack searches desperately for his wife, finally finding her inside the locked vacuum chamber.
  • The vacuum chamber in an accelerator can be used as a waveguide for radio-frequency transmission.
  • Lawrence's hunch about the effect of the air molecules in the vacuum chamber was confirmed.
  • The vacuum chamber is brought to a very low vacuum, the same as outer space.
  • The wafer is then placed in a vacuum chamber, and exposed to the ion beam.
  • Cutting-edge research that needs an ultra high vacuum requires a more sophisticated form of vacuum chamber.
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