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English-Hindi > vacuum cleaning

vacuum cleaning meaning in Hindi

vacuum cleaning sentence in Hindi

निर्वात स्वच्छन
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
cleaning    शोधन सफाई सफ़ाई
1.The house was provided with air conditioning, electric vacuum cleaning, and towel heaters.

2.It also has an early example of a whole house vacuum cleaning system.

3.They also appear as consumer products, for entertainment or to perform certain tasks like vacuum cleaning.

4.Some 400, 000 vacuum cleaning robots will likely be in service by 2006, and 125, 000 smart lawnmowers.

5.There's no vacuum cleaning, right ?"

6.He added such engineering features to the house as a hydraulic elevator and a house-wide vacuum cleaning system.

7.All cat dander must be thoroughly removed by thorough vacuum cleaning, preferably with a HEPA bag to remove fine particulates.

8."Backslide " by Pierrepoint has powerful, pumping, caustically distorted rhythms and unintelligible vocals, conveniently compatible with any vacuum cleaning detail.

9.Sucre and Bellick, disguised as janitors, performs vacuum cleaning outside the room, effectively blocking entry and covering any noise from the room.

10.The more one watches, the more one is persuaded that rhythmic Greco-Roman vacuum cleaning ( two-day ) soon will be on the agenda.

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