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English-Hindi > vacuum extraction

vacuum extraction meaning in Hindi

vacuum extraction sentence in Hindi

निर्वात निष्कर्षण
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
extraction    निचोड़ निष्कर्ष
1.Frigoletto also found evidence that obstetricians are performing more vaginal deliveries with forceps or vacuum extraction.

2.This injury is associated with episiotomy and forceps / vacuum extraction of the baby from the vagina.

3.The risks of forceps and vacuum extraction, he said, have become a problem because doctors use them too often.

4.Vacuum extraction is the more attractive option since a paper gasket seals the steel cover and access is very difficult.

5.Water injected around the ET-DSP electrodes is heated and flows radially toward the vacuum extraction wells heating the formation in the process.

6.Differential is emptied by removing the final drive cover on the rear of the transmission or by vacuum extraction through the speed sensor hole.

7.For example, they said, the use of vacuum extraction to assist in cases of difficult labor results in brain bleeding in 6 percent of births.

8.It is unclear whether Caesarean section is safer for the baby in an uncomplicated pregnancy and whether it is safer than using a vacuum extraction for some difficult deliveries, Lockwood said.

9.Experts list a number of reasons for the rising Caesarean rate, including fear of malpractice suits and the reluctance by doctors to use forceps or vacuum extraction if vaginal delivery fails.

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