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English-Hindi > vacuum flask

vacuum flask meaning in Hindi

vacuum flask sentence in Hindi
निर्वात बोतल
निर्वात फ़्लास्क
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
flask    बारूददान बोतल
1.A removable pot, with handle and lid, fits inside the vacuum flask.

2.The now-famous vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892.

3.The vacuum flask prevents the water from going up the B�chner flask.

4.The guampas and leather-covered vacuum flasks are often personalized with names or logos.

5.Dewer's first vacuum flask in 1892 had a silvery mercury coating.

6.Thermos bottles are smaller vacuum flasks fitted in a protective casing.

7.A vacuum cooker ( ) is a stainless steel vacuum flask.

8.The vacuum flask consists of two cork or polyethylene plastic.

9.Vacuum flasks, or Dewars, are silvered to approach this ideal.

10.The Thermos, a vacuum flask adapted for lunch box use, was introduced in 1904.

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flask with double walls separated by vacuum; used to maintain substances at high or low temperatures
Synonyms: vacuum bottle,

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