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vacuum of power sentence in Hindi

"vacuum of power" meaning in Hindivacuum of power in a sentence
  • "There is a vacuum of power, " he said.
  • At no minute will there be a vacuum of power in the country,
  • Following the Shadows'departure, a vacuum of power became more apparent.
  • We need the United Nations in, and we cannot have a vacuum of power.
  • There was a " vacuum of power " in Kinshasa, he said.
  • There is a " vacuum of power " in Kinshasa, he said.
  • "We don't want to leave a vacuum of power ."
  • Nevertheless, this sudden vacuum of power relieved Kublai's control over the western khanates somehow.
  • His death created a large vacuum of power that plunged Banfield into a constitutional crisis for a decade.
  • There was simply a vacuum of power that came about after the military announced the resignation of the president.
  • We don't want to leave a vacuum of power, " the rebel justice minister said.
  • If American-backed efforts to topple him succeed, the result could well be an unstable vacuum of power.
  • We don't want to leave a vacuum of power, " said rebel justice minister Mwenze Kongolo.
  • We don't want to leave a vacuum of power, " rebel justice minister Mwenze Kongolo said.
  • After the war was over, and with no active Council, Minbar was left with a vacuum of power.
  • All 400 of the Haitian security personnel stationed here seem to have fled the city, leaving a vacuum of power.
  • "We can see that there's a vacuum of power, " said political analyst Jaime Gonzalez Graff.
  • Bisercic faults NATO for the vacuum of power, but he also considers it a mistake of the Belgrade government to allow one.
  • They want to call this anything, make Venezuelans believe that a junta took over because of a vacuum of power after Chavez resigned.
  • The vacuum of power created by Sid�nio Pais's murder on 14 December 1918, led the country to a brief civil war.
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