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vacuum pipe sentence in Hindi

"vacuum pipe" meaning in Hindivacuum pipe in a sentence
  • The technology required the use of leather flaps to seal the vacuum pipes.
  • This happens in the centre of a cooled vacuum pipe a few centimetres across.
  • The shutter has provisions for routing the cryogenic hydrogen transfer line, gaseous helium, and vacuum piping necessary to support the Cold Source.
  • The arm " tunnels " house vacuum pipes with a 120 cm diameter in which the laser beams are travelling under ultra-high vacuum.
  • Sorters hold their tweezers by a glove built into a glass box and drop jewels into vacuum pipes that suck them to a vault.
  • The escaping vapour expanded with explosive force, damaging over 50 superconducting magnets and their mountings, and contaminating the vacuum pipe, which also lost vacuum conditions.
  • At the PEP-II accelerator at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the vacuum pipe which contains the positron ring has a wire coiled around its entire length.
  • They proposed to use a beam of protons and a beam of antiprotons, their antimatter twins, counter rotating in the vacuum pipe of the accelerator and colliding head-on.
  • Scientists finally pinpointed the area, switched everything off and opened up the accelerator right down to the highly-polished vacuum pipe where the beams of particles are supposed to travel.
  • The cylinder rocks slightly in operation to maintain alignment with the brake rigging cranks, so it is supported in trunnion bearings, and the vacuum pipe connection to it is flexible.
  • The light beams travel through vacuum pipes and are delayed and combined optically, requiring a building 100 meters long with movable mirrors on carts to keep the light in phase as the earth rotates.
  • In 1989 the 2.8 turbo diesels underwent a number of changes including timing chains instead of timing belts, square headlights and 4WD engagement in high range using an electric switch via a vacuum pipe.
  • The guard had forgotten to connect the vacuum pipes when the locomotive coupled up to the opposite end of the train, so that extra brake power was not available on the falling gradient into Chester.
  • Generally a manual boost controller will not be located within the cabin of the vehicle as the lengthy vacuum piping run between the turbo / wastegate & controller can introduce response issues into the system.
  • Then light will exit the vacuum pipes in the Beam Combining Area ( BCA ), where the light will be directed into one of three permanent sensors, or to a temporary instrument on a fourth table.
  • The backing pressure is rarely below 10  " 3 mbar ( mean free path H " 70 mm ) because the flow resistance of the vacuum pipe between the turbopump and the roughing pump becomes significant.
  • Having just about had it with the beavers, Donald leaves and comes back with a tractor fitted with a vacuum pipe, which sucks in the sawdust through one end and ejects the sawdust into the trunk through another end.
  • The harsh environment of the line, which runs adjacent to the sea for much of its length and is often soaked with salt spray, presented difficulties in maintaining the leather flaps provided to seal the vacuum pipes, which had to be kept supple by being greased with tallow; even so, air leaked in, reducing the pressure difference.

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