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vacuum polarization sentence in Hindi

"vacuum polarization" meaning in Hindivacuum polarization in a sentence
  • It is capable of vacuum polarization.
  • To lowest order \ alpha, virtual pair production generates a vacuum polarization and magnetization given by:
  • The pointlike electron would have a diverging electromagnetic field, which should create a strong vacuum polarization.
  • They also introduced the Euler Heisenberg Lagrangian that laid the basis for the quantitative treatment of vacuum polarization.
  • PVLAS is searching for vacuum polarization of laser beams crossing magnetic fields to detect effects from axion dark matter.
  • Examples include extremely strong fields ( see Euler Heisenberg Lagrangian ) and extremely short distances ( see vacuum polarization ).
  • Thus the vacuum polarization depends on the momentum transfer, or in other words, the dielectric constant is scale dependent.
  • Where \ Pi ^ { \ prime } denotes the derivative of the vacuum polarization function with respect to q 2.
  • In experimental physics, he has worked on a precision measurement of vacuum polarization in muonic atoms to test quantum electrodynamics.
  • This reorientation of the short-lived particle-antiparticle pairs is referred to as "'vacuum polarization " '.
  • This can be understood as a screening of a point charge by a medium with a dielectric permittivity, which is why the term vacuum polarization is used.
  • The Peskin Takeuchi parameters are only sensitive to new physics that contributes to the oblique corrections, i . e ., the vacuum polarization corrections to four-fermion scattering processes.
  • The vacuum polarization is quantified by the vacuum polarization tensor ? ?? ( p ) which describes the dielectric effect as a function of the four-momentum p carried by the photon.
  • The vacuum polarization is quantified by the vacuum polarization tensor ? ?? ( p ) which describes the dielectric effect as a function of the four-momentum p carried by the photon.
  • In order to compare the extracted value of ? with the low-energy results, higher-order QED effects including the running of ? due to vacuum polarization must be taken into account.
  • In this treatment, a divergence arising from a loop integral ( such as vacuum polarization or electron self-energy ) is modulated by a spectrum of auxiliary particles added to the Lagrangian or propagator.
  • Photon-photon interaction can occur only through interaction with the vacuum state of some other field, for example through the Dirac electron-positron vacuum field; this is associated with the concept of vacuum polarization.
  • Assumption number 3 above allows us to expand the vacuum polarization functions in powers of q 2 / M 2, where M represents the heavy mass scale of the new interactions, and keep only the constant and linear terms in q 2.
  • A black star is created when matter compresses at a rate significantly less than the freefall velocity of a hypothetical particle falling to the center of its star, because quantum processes create vacuum polarization, which creates a form of degeneracy pressure, preventing spacetime ( and the particles held within it ) from occupying the same space at the same time.
  • The effects of vacuum polarization were first observed experimentally prior to 1947 before they were theoretically calculated ( by Hans Bethe on the return train ride from the Shelter Island Conference to Cornell ) after developments in radar equipment for World War II resulted in higher accuracy for measuring the energy levels of the hydrogen atom ( the Lamb shift ) and the anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron ( corresponding to the deviation from the Dirac equation predicted value of 2 of the spectroscopic electron g-factor value ), measured by I . I . Rabi.

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