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vacuum pressure sentence in Hindi

"vacuum pressure" meaning in Hindivacuum pressure in a sentence
  • Is it increasing the vacuum pressure hence decreasing the quality of it ??
  • The equipment operated under vacuum pressures, so plumbing had to be air tight.
  • The situation changes when extreme vacuum pressures are measured; absolute pressures are typically used instead.
  • The vacuum pressure and speed are adjusted depending on the sensitivity and tolerance of the skin.
  • It is used for testing spacecraft in space-like conditions of extreme cold, near-vacuum pressure, and high radiation.
  • Air pressure pushed him into the pipe, rather than " vacuum pressure " pulling him into the pipe.
  • Ionic liquids in liquid-ring vacuum pumps can lower the vacuum pressure from about 70 mbar to below 1 mbar.
  • The surface of the skin is strongly sucked by the vacuum pressure in the cup, opening capillary vessels and pores.
  • The most simple  Leak isolation method involves monitoring the vacuum pressure level to determine if there are air leaks.
  • This phenomenon being known as the Torricelli vacuum and the unit of vacuum pressure, the torr, being named after him.
  • Still, at very high altitudes, the extremely large engine bells tend to expand the exhaust gases down to near vacuum pressures.
  • However, if there was a drop in the vacuum pressure level it would be an indication that there was an air leakage.
  • All materials, solid or liquid, have a small vapour pressure, and their outgassing becomes important when the vacuum pressure falls below this vapour pressure.
  • Moderate vacuum pressure readings can be ambiguous without the proper context, as they may represent absolute pressure or gauge pressure without a negative sign.
  • To their dismay, CDC investigators discovered condensation in many of the glass tubes, indicating that the rubber stoppers had decayed and vacuum pressure had been lost.
  • If the applied vacuum pressure is too great it can cause bursting of blood vessels, bruising, blistering, damage to erectile tissue, and other types of trauma.
  • Therefore there could only have been 14.2 psi of " vacuum pressure " even if the other end of the pipe were connected to perfect vacuum.
  • The most common method for air separation is vacuum pressure swing adsorption ( VPSA ), are commercially used to separate a single component from ordinary air.
  • "' Blast gates "'are used to focus a dust collection system's vacuum pressure for maximum dust ( or other material ) extraction at the desired location.
  • Its main side effects are minor and infrequent, mainly a reddish pinpoint rash on the penile surface and bruising if the vacuum pressure is maintained for too long.
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