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English-Hindi > vacuum pump

vacuum pump meaning in Hindi

vacuum pump sentence in Hindi
निर्वात पंप

निर्वात पम्प
निवार्त पंप
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
pump    कद्दू पम्प जूता
1."' Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG "'is a German manufacturer of vacuum pumps.

2.It also made vacuum pumps, ironing machines and centrifuges for purifying palm-oil.

3.Among the aids are vacuum pumps, injections, implantable prostheses, and new oral drugs.

4.He also acquired the best vacuum pumps available at the time.

5.Mercury and glass allow good vacuum pumps . ( You did include glassblowers?

6.Electric vacuum pumps are now commonly used for powering pneumatic accessories.

7.Whatever volatile substances are left over are sucked up by a vacuum pump.

8.The vacuum pump also enabled the weighing of gases using scales.

9.The fat is sucked out through a tube attached to a vacuum pump.

10.Zeolites are also used as a molecular sieve in cryosorption style vacuum pumps.

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a pump that moves air in or out of something
Synonyms: air pump,

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