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vacuum seal sentence in Hindi

"vacuum seal" meaning in Hindivacuum seal in a sentence
  • As the filling cools, it will create a vacuum seal.
  • You can also freeze and vacuum seal pita bread.
  • These provide " no definitive way to determine if a vacuum seal is formed ."
  • The clippings are now kept in a jar with a vacuum seal . _ _ _=
  • The suits, once removed from their vacuum seal packs, are worn over a soldier's combat uniform.
  • The NMR tube cap forms a vacuum seal.
  • You can freeze them then vacuum seal them.
  • Keeran's 2-piece vacuum seal for Mason jars, which became the standard for home-canning, was immediately popular.
  • Double chamber sealers are typically used for medium-volume packaging, and also have the capability to vacuum seal liquids.
  • In 1657, he machined two 20-inch diameter hemispheres and pumped all the air out of them, locking them together with a vacuum seal.
  • The Locks of Love wigs feature a silicone cap that creates a vacuum seal around the head and prevents the wig from slipping.
  • The clippings, which Gilleland had in a plastic bag, are now kept in a jar with a vacuum seal . _ _ _=
  • This window allows the X-rays to exit the tube with little attenuation while maintaining a vacuum seal required for the X-ray tube operation.
  • Along the rod are several polymer vacuum rings to allow for the formation of a vacuum seal of sufficient quality, when inserted into the stage.
  • The dome is held down by the vacuum seal and will not make a popping sound when the cover is pressed on a properly sealed container.
  • Spent fluorescent lamps are typically hand-fed into the entry tube, rapidly drawn into the drum by the vacuum seal and crushed in the motorized crushing assembly.
  • If space is at a premium, there are also stackable clear plastic canisters with a vacuum seal, which may be purchased individually, rather than as a set.
  • The six-quart Cuisinart, with a suggested retail price of $ 230, has a design element that can cause food to overcook : the vacuum seal seemed unnecessarily strong.
  • In 2010, Trumbull used social media to publicize a video on Vimeo and YouTube demonstrating an invention intended to cap the BP oil spill with a strong vacuum seal.
  • It also includes one of the earliest theoretical descriptions of a marine chronometer, accompanied by a discussion of the use of vacuum seals to reduce inaccuracies in the operation of timepieces.
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