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English-Hindi > vacuum seal

vacuum seal meaning in Hindi

vacuum seal sentence in Hindi

• निर्वात सील
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
seal    छाप प्रमाण ठप्पा
1.As the filling cools, it will create a vacuum seal.

2.You can also freeze and vacuum seal pita bread.

3.These provide " no definitive way to determine if a vacuum seal is formed ."

4.The clippings are now kept in a jar with a vacuum seal . _ _ _=

5.The suits, once removed from their vacuum seal packs, are worn over a soldier's combat uniform.

6.The NMR tube cap forms a vacuum seal.

7.You can freeze them then vacuum seal them.

8.Keeran's 2-piece vacuum seal for Mason jars, which became the standard for home-canning, was immediately popular.

9.Double chamber sealers are typically used for medium-volume packaging, and also have the capability to vacuum seal liquids.

10.In 1657, he machined two 20-inch diameter hemispheres and pumped all the air out of them, locking them together with a vacuum seal.

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