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vacuum system sentence in Hindi

"vacuum system" meaning in Hindi
  • Up to five interferometers can be set up in each vacuum system.
  • There he was responsible for the Injector RF and the vacuum system.
  • She described the vacuum system as " one area of concern ."
  • Ultra-high vacuum systems are usually made of stainless steel with metal-gasketed vacuum flanges.
  • Vacuum systems existed on British, Indian, Western Australian and South African railway networks.
  • Automotive vacuum systems reached their height of use between the 1960s and 1980s.
  • Such pumps inexpensively and reliably produce extremely low pressures in ultra-high vacuum systems.
  • These metals are therefore relatively volatile, and are avoided in ultra-high vacuum systems.
  • A "'foreline "'is a vacuum line between the pumps of a multistage vacuum system.
  • The portable vacuum cleaner is the parent product to the modern central vacuum system.
  • It is important for the vacuum system to be ESD-safe.
  • A vacuum system was built into the house, but it is no longer operable.
  • It also has a central vacuum system and a basement.
  • Conductance is also a useful concept in the design and study of vacuum systems.
  • A vacuum system is required for the polymerization, significantly increasing the set up price.
  • High vacuum systems must be clean and free of organic matter to minimize outgassing.
  • However, trains hauled by the railcars continued to be braked using a vacuum system.
  • I would also suggest the vacuum system be checked for a missing or improper connection.
  • Most central vacuum systems come with a 30-foot hose.
  • The Roomba Model 401 is similar but has a standard-size dust bin and vacuum system.
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