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English-Hindi > vacuum treatment

vacuum treatment meaning in Hindi

vacuum treatment sentence in Hindi

निर्वात संस्कार
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
treatment    इलाज उपचार चाल
1.Vacuum treatments are recommended for best strength and premium uses.

2.The plant had three LD converters, facilities for iron desulphurisation and vacuum treatment.

3.The efficacy of vacuum treatment was approximately 10 %, and the patient satisfaction rate was 30 %.

4.The conclusion of the paper stated that vacuum treatment of the penis is not an effective method for penile elongation, but provides psychological satisfaction for some men.

5.The material has an unusually wide range of production methods for a superalloy : electric arc, ladle refined with vacuum treatment; vacuum induction melting; vacuum arc remelting, and even electro slag remelting.

6.Decreasing the oxygen activity ( a O ) will result in a higher equilibrium constant, thus more product, CO . To achieve this, subjecting the pool of steel to vacuum treatment decreases the value of P CO, allowing for more CO gas to be produced.

7.To prevent the food from being spoiled before and during containment, a number of methods are used : pasteurisation, boiling ( and other applications of high temperature over a period of time ), refrigeration, freezing, drying, vacuum treatment, antimicrobial agents that are natural to the recipe of the foods being preserved, a sufficient dose of ionizing radiation, submersion in a strong saline solution, acid, base, osmotically extreme ( for example very sugary ) or other microbially-challenging environments.

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