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English-Hindi > vacuum valve

vacuum valve meaning in Hindi

vacuum valve sentence in Hindi

निर्वात वाल्व
vacuum    निर्वात शून्य
valve    द्वार वाल्व कपाट
1.In addition to improving the triode vacuum valve, he developed directional loudspeakers.

2.He was a pioneer of vacuum valve.

3.Positive pressure, such as that provided by compressed air, regulates and controls the vacuum valves and manipulators on the beamline.

4.The thickened ends of the tubes are formed to a taper and the vacuum valve may need to be provided.

5.Cesium-137, a highly radioactive material, is used in soil-testing gauges in construction and is found in photoelectric batteries and vacuum valves.

6.Large systems with numerous collection chambers benefit from the provision of a monitoring system for remote monitoring of the vacuum valves and sump pits.

7.However, that theory could not be confirmed and the experts said it was also possible that air could be leaking through faulty vacuum valves or cracks caused by metal fatigue on the hull of the 13-year-old station, Interfax said.

8."' Trickle valves "', also known as "'vacuum valves "', are commonly used in industrial dust collection applications to maintain an airlock seal on a dust collector trenchers, where a dust-free environment in the pinnacle truss and axle bore is required for smooth operation.

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