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English-Hindi > vaginal birth

vaginal birth meaning in Hindi

vaginal birth sentence in Hindi
योनि प्रसव
योनि प्रसूति
vaginal    योनिक योनि का योनि
birth    जाति पद प्रसव
1.Yes, there are a lot of benefits to vaginal birth.

2.McMahon urged more research to determine when subsequent vaginal birth is safe.

3.There was a reluctance in some quarters to abandon vaginal birth altogether.

4.Our success rate for vaginal birth after cesarean is 80 to 90 percent,

5.Both have higher risks than a vaginal birth with no previous caesarean section.

6.It occurs in approximately 0.3-1 % of vaginal births.

7.Yes, the vaginal birth was " painful, very painful,"

8.The absolute risk from subsequent vaginal births is, in fact, very low.

9.She delivered her daughter, Mallory, at 24 weeks in a vaginal birth.

10.Vaginal births are less expensive and the patient spends less time in the hospital.

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