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English-Hindi > vector control

vector control meaning in Hindi

vector control sentence in Hindi

रोगवाहक नियंत्रण
वाहक नियंत्रण
vector    वेक्टर निश्चित
control    संचालन जाँच करना
1.Both prevention through vector control and treatment are needed to protect populations.

2.It had a main fixed combustion chamber and four small vector control.

3.A non-chemical vector control strategy involves genetic manipulation of malaria mosquitoes.

4.The most common, said vector control officials, are crawl space vents.

5.It is one of five mosquito and vector control districts in Los Angeles County.

6.Vector control strategies can aim at either continuous suppression or eradication of target populations.

7.:See space shuttle solid rocket booster # thrust vector control.

8.Control of an outbreak in an endemic region involves quarantine, vector control and vaccination.

9.This is one of several compounds used for vector control of " Triatoma ".

10.It is also because the vector control program was abandoned.

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