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English-Hindi > ventilating pipe

ventilating pipe meaning in Hindi

ventilating pipe sentence in Hindi

• संवातन पाइप
ventilating    संवाती
pipe    लय चिलम सिगार नल
1.Non - combustibility ventilating pipes of inorganic material and fiberglass

2.Discharge and ventilating pipes and fittings , sand - cast or spun in cast iron - specification for spigot and socket systems

3.Intermittent operating , back - up mobile oil - fired flame heaters for domestic use without ventilating pipe or special device for evacuation of combustion products

4.Unplasticized pvc soil and ventilating pipes of 82 . 4 mm minimum mean outside diameter , and fittings and accessories of 82 . 4 mm and of other sizes - specification

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