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ventilating system sentence in Hindi

"ventilating system" meaning in Hindi
  • It also works as an insulator for the heating and ventilating systems.
  • "It's like a toxic substance in the ventilating system.
  • Ventilated systems are not adjustable, like the laminated systems.
  • It even looked at its heating and ventilating system . ( They passed, too .)
  • A new fresh air ventilating system with air ducts leading from the grille replaced cowl ventilators.
  • Audience, the ventilating system and anything else audible.
  • It takes a very, very fancy and elaborate ventilating system to pull out those kinds of pollutants,
  • He said it apparently started in the engine room and spread through the ship's ventilating system, the authorities said.
  • The plant installed a stack and ventilating system in early 2006 to control and disperse odor from the composting bunkers.
  • He said that as with Cheops and Chephren, a new ventilating system will be installed to reduce humidity levels inside.
  • Other services and fittings included sound-proofing, ventilating systems, refrigeration, stainless steel and chromium-plated fittings, and specialised electrical and drainage systems.
  • It was by far the noisiest and the worst-smelling pavilion, because of the live animals, and had a special ventilating system.
  • In 1938, Nash introduced an optional conditioned air heating / ventilating system, an outcome of the expertise shared between Kelvinator and Nash.
  • The monument was reopened in May after being closed for four months for interior work that included repairing the aging elevator and ventilating system.
  • This followed the marketing name of " Weather Eye " for Nash's fresh-air automotive heating and ventilating system that was first used in 1938.
  • The heating and ventilating system of the Mark 2 was not considered adequate for the more upmarket S-Type and was replaced with an improved system.
  • Efforts to protect workers led in 1995 to construction of a ventilating system that was supposed to allow them to approach the tank without respirators.
  • "It could help some people with allergies to have this in heating and ventilating systems if it works as they say it does, " she said.
  • The halls were wide and it was considered hygenic, since they had installed a ventilating system unequalled in any public building in America at the time.
  • After waiting 99 years, a rare South American Century Plant has flowered a year early, apparently spurred into action by the breakdown of its greenhouse ventilating system.
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