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English-Hindi > ventilation door

ventilation door meaning in Hindi

ventilation door sentence in Hindi

संवातन द्वार
ventilation    खुलाव प्रकाशन
door    इमारत कमरा घर
1.Children as young as five or six worked as trappers opening and closing ventilation doors before becoming hurriers, pushing tubs of coal to the shaft bottom.

2.Children as young as five years of age sat in complete darkness opening ventilation doors for " hurriers ", women and boys who hauled tubs of coal to the shaft bottom.

3.On May 12, 1942, a locomotive cable short-circuited at the same time as a malfunction with one of the ventilation doors, and it caused a methane explosion and collapsing roofs.

4.A coroner's inquest subsequently found that one of the men who initially survived was responsible for the explosion due to the use of a naked candle rather than a safety lamp and that a ventilation door had been left open.

5.Amongst the machinery, mining and transportation fatalities were working on grizzlies without safety belts, working below loose rock in ore passes, getting crushed by that deadly combination of a loco and a ventilation door frame ( the clearance between the two is only a few inches ) and working on running conveyors, all direct contraventions of safety instructions.

6.Victorian society was shocked to discover that children, as young as five or six worked as " trappers ", opening and shutting ventilation doors down the mine before becoming " girls and women wearing trousers and working bare breasted in the presence of boys and men which " made girls unsuitable for marriage and unfit to be mothers ".

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