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English-Hindi > vexatious litigation

vexatious litigation meaning in Hindi

vexatious litigation sentence in Hindi
तंग करने के लिये किया गया मुकदमा
vexatious    तंग करने वाला
litigation    मुकदमा मुकदमेबाजी
1.He said that most vexatious litigation was ended by summary judgment.

2.What is the winner then ? " Vexatious litigation "?

3.vexatious litigation at ANI, COIN, and other noticeboards?

4.The court even dubbed it " vexatious litigation ".

5.This current action is " vexatious litigation " and possibly harassment to boot.

6.Security can also be ordered where a plaintiff is insolvent, or prone to vexatious litigation.

7.Sometimes the [ citation needed ] tag seems to be the wikipedia analog of vexatious litigation.

8.:: The law is expressly to prevent the use of vexatious litigation to influence congressional votes.

9.Then I recommend a read of the pages Wikipedia : Wikilawyering, Abuse of process, and Vexatious litigation.

10.A poor case, but not vexatious litigation . ( Talk ) 18 : 41, 26 December 2006 ( UTC)

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