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English-Hindi > visible error

visible error meaning in Hindi

visible error sentence in Hindi

दृश्य अशुद्धि
visible    दृश्यता दृश्यमान
error    गलती त्रुटि दोष
1.I've never observed a blue screen or other visible error message.

2.This lowered bandwidth, coupled with high frequency chroma components, can cause visible errors in luminance.

3.The ( 3, 1 ) repetition has a distance of 3, as three bits need to be flipped in the same triple to obtain another code word with no visible errors.

4.I'll do the fixes manually, but I don't want to try and trawl through 450 articles manually searching for something that doesn't even give an easily visible error message . & mdash; talk ) 07 : 00, 23 February 2013 ( UTC)

5.I have worked on the template and so at User : Peter _ coxhead / Test / Clade # Example _ 5 I have a test cladogram which has always failed to display because of the expansion depth being exceeded ( and actually generates a visible error message which doesn't always happen ).

6.I have a Mac Mini, from which I often use the built in client to connect to my university VPN . Since updating it to Sierra, the system has been ignoring my apparently successful VPN connection for long periods ( no visible errors, but my public IP address remains my local broadband one ).

7.In communication systems with very low uncorrected bit error rates, such as modern fiber optic transmission systems, or systems with higher low-level error rates that are corrected using large amounts of forward error correction, errored seconds are often a better measure of the effective user-visible error rate than the raw bit error rate.

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