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English-Hindi > vote down

vote down meaning in Hindi

vote down sentence in Hindi
1.If the players vote down the deal, the union would be dissolved.

2.A second bill that was originally voted down Tuesday was passed Thursday.

3.The contract was voted down Tuesday by 68 percent of the mechanics.

4.His motion was voted down _ 14 in favour and 30 against.

5.No nominee for director of central intelligence ever has been voted down.

6.It voted down the proposal unanimously with no debate and scant discussion.

7.And they were disappointed that the proposed term limits were voted down.

8.Both chambers voted down Democratic attempts to restrict credit cards for minors.

9.If you voted down her stock she would bring it up again.

10.Chernomyrdin had presented this plan to the Duma before being voted down.

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vote against; "The faculty turned thumbs down on the candidate for the Dean position"
Synonyms: turn thumbs down,

thwart the passage of; "kill a motion"; "he shot down the student''s proposal"
Synonyms: kill, shoot down, defeat, vote out,

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