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English-Hindi > wabash river

wabash river meaning in Hindi

wabash river sentence in Hindi
वाबैश नदी
wabash    वाबैश
river    दरिया नदी
1.Wabash River was down repeatedly for long stretches due to gasifier problems.

2.York is located along the Wabash River in far southeast Clark County.

3.The Little Wabash River was dammed to create the lake in 1929.

4.The primary damage done to West Union came from the Wabash River.

5.In a panic, Beauchamp immediately ran from the house toward the Wabash River.

6.The Miami Nation of Indiana is concentrated along the Wabash River.

7.Darwin is located along the Wabash River across from the state of Indiana.

8.Heavy rains followed the tornado, causing the Wabash River to rise.

9.The garrison at Vincennes along the Wabash River surrendered to Clark in August.

10.In its earliest days, Lafayette was a shipping center on the Wabash River.

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