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English-Hindi > wage adjustment

wage adjustment meaning in Hindi

wage adjustment sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी समायोजन
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
adjustment    एकीकरण निपटारा
1.The wage adjustments were too large, increasing aggregate demand excessively and creating inflationary pressures.

2.That could trigger other wage adjustments around the country.

3.Underemployment is more prevalent during times of economic stagnation ( during recessions or wage adjustment.

4.Teachers had initially asked for a 4.23 percent raise, equal to the state-allocated cost-of-living wage adjustment.

5.When they occurred, minimum wage adjustments generally did not keep up with cost of living increases.

6.The government contends that routine wage adjustments pushed up median state salaries 4 percent last year.

7.Wage adjustments become effective in accordance with what is commonly referred to as the 45-day law.

8.Government representatives will meet with labor and management organizations on Jan . 20 to also discuss wage adjustments.

9.On the immediate horizon looms social unrest as labor demands wage adjustments ahead of sharp increases in oil prices.

10."Total wage adjustment should reflect the slowing down of the economy, " the council said in a guideline statement.

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