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wage bargaining sentence in Hindi

"wage bargaining" meaning in Hindiwage bargaining in a sentence
  • Centralized wage bargaining is a key component of egalitarian labor markets.
  • During wage bargaining in 1986 and 1987, employers started to bargain harder.
  • Japanese wage bargaining is conducted in the spring.
  • The wage bargaining resumed in Stuttgart today.
  • Murmann denied there are serious moves to dismantle Germany's system of industrywide wage bargaining.
  • Macfarlane said of enterprise wage bargaining.
  • As a labor lawyer Costello sued unions and campaigned against Australia's centralized system of wage bargaining.
  • Eds : COMBINES pvs, ADDS wage demands and employer offer, background on national wage bargaining system.
  • This they do by preventing the defection of members during wage bargaining which may lead to strike action.
  • As a labor lawyer Costello sued labor unions and campaigned against Australia's centralized system of wage bargaining.
  • In a country with centralized wage bargaining institutions, wages for entire industries are negotiated at the regional or national level.
  • Lohmann ( 2009 ) finds that countries with centralized wage bargaining institutions have lower rates of " pre-transfer " working poverty.
  • Patton chose collective wage bargaining for public employees, but had declared that he would not fight for it in the upcoming 1996 legislative session.
  • Australia's central bank said recent wage bargaining agreements remain a threat to the nation's low pace of inflation and may trigger higher unemployment.
  • IG Metall's next round of contract talks with employers under Germany's centralized system of wage bargaining is set for the fall of 1998.
  • Individual workplace agreements are formed outside Australia's labor unions and have tended to lead to higher wage growth than through the collective approach to wage bargaining.
  • But Wilhelm Schmidt, a leading Social Democratic lawmaker, said his party rejects any attempt to include wage bargaining laws in the dealmaking . ( tc-dr)
  • The Fed, he said, must " pursue a policy which prevents higher food prices from encouraging a general acceleration of inflation expectations, which influences wage bargaining ."
  • About 12, 000 DaimlerChrysler auto workers protested Tuesday against calls for weakening the industrywide wage bargaining that underpinned Germany's industrial revival after World War II, labor unions said.
  • The unions opposed the decrees, which enable companies to bypass collective wage bargaining and negotiate salaries directly with employees, because they jeopardize privileges won by workers over the past 50 years.
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