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English-Hindi > wage book

wage book meaning in Hindi

wage book sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी पुस्तिका
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
book    ग्रंथ लेखा-बही
1.These Chelsea Archives contain company records, including wage books, legal files, and share registers from throughout its history.

2.By late 1856, the Boondooma wages book indicates that 2 carpenters, John Groom and John Moules, were employed at the station.

3.The wages books from the station attest to the large proportion of Chinese labourers at Booubyjan, who were, it seems, paid considerably less than their European counterparts.

4.In the mid-1850s, the Lawsons were actively recruiting German workers owing to the general " scarcity of labour and the satisfaction those already in our service have given us " and the Boondooma wages book shows Brill was employed as a stonemason from 24 May 1856 to 21 July 1857.

5.During the 1950s Lt . Col . O . D . Smith, D . L . J . P ., Agent and Managing Trustee of the Croome Estate Trust worked on the arrangement of the archive, sorting it into 3 main sections : family papers ( personal correspondence of family members, diaries, photographs, recipe books and the bills and accounts relating to the building and landscaping of the Court and park ), estate management papers ( rentals, accounts, estate diaries, wage books and papers relating to the running of the estate ) and parish boxes ( title deeds, leases, manorial documents etc . ).

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