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wage claim sentence in Hindi

"wage claim" meaning in Hindiwage claim in a sentence
  • Can I file an unpaid-wages claim for those five days of pay?
  • "Certainly, current conditions in manufacturing are not conducive to wage claims, " he said.
  • That prompted concern labor unions will pursue higher wage claims.
  • California law prohibits employers from firing or penalizing workers who have filed wage claims.
  • Six workers have filed state wage claims against the company worth $ 8, 244.
  • The wage claim was arbitrated by the Industrial Court.
  • "Nobody's put such a high wage claim on the table in nearly 30 years ."
  • On Wednesday, unions from the maritime, oil, storage and public sector added its own wage claims.
  • And you should present your case as a breach of contract rather than a wage claim.
  • That court denied back-wage claims of 21 Jewish women who had already received postwar government compensation.
  • The unions will also be looking at part-time wages during the second stage of its wage claim.
  • No government with inflation at around 2 percent could yield to a wage claim of 40 percent,
  • The government's arguing against the claim before the Industrial Relations Commission, an independent arbiter of wage claims.
  • But it refuses to accept individual wage claims by slave workers, who were technically working for private companies.
  • But outgoing Chancellor Helmut Kohl had rejected any government involvement, saying companies are responsible for back wage claims.
  • A : You can't file an unpaid-wages claim because you weren't an employee : You were a contractor.
  • If that doesn't work, file a wage claim with the Department of Labor at ( 415 ) 744-5590.
  • He filed a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner, winning an award of almost $ 70, 000.
  • Australian bonds posted their worst losses in two weeks yesterday partially on concern large wage claims will ignite inflation.
  • Workers with a complaint can file a wage claim with the Department of Industrial Relations'Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
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