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wage concession sentence in Hindi

"wage concession" meaning in Hindiwage concession in a sentence
  • Labor unions have typically been making wage concessions as companies downsize.
  • Then in 1996, the three-year wage concessions ended.
  • But Creighton should not expect any wage concessions, she said.
  • It has wrangled wage concession agreements with four of six unions.
  • The company said it needed the wage concessions to stay afloat.
  • The carrier's three largest unions have rejected any wage concessions.
  • It calls for $ 1 billion in annual wage concessions.
  • United Airlines traded equity for wage concessions in 1994.
  • It is seeking deep wage concessions from pilots as part of its recovery.
  • The message here is a focus more on productivity rather than simple wage concessions,
  • But wage concessions have not been ruled out.
  • Creighton had said United would apply if it got wage concessions from its employees.
  • The slowdown in benefit costs enables employers to be more generous in their wage concessions.
  • We may need wage concessions by everyone.
  • They have not agreed to wage concessions.
  • In late June, Delta and its pilots union opened talks to discuss wage concessions.
  • Bayou Steel instead demanded wage concessions.
  • It recently gave up its effort to negotiate wage concessions totaling $ 500 million a year.
  • Can workers making between $ 10 and $ 15 an hour afford to make wage concessions?
  • The union agreed to wage concessions in 1994 in exchange for its stake in the company.
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