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wage control sentence in Hindi

"wage control" meaning in Hindiwage control in a sentence
  • Labor representatives believed that wage controls were particularly unfair to some workers.
  • Labor representatives, who opposed wholesale wage controls, were outvoted nine to three.
  • Powerful trade unions fearing layoffs and wage controls are in part the reason.
  • It includes wage controls and limits electricity and gas prices.
  • In 1975, the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau introduced mandatory price and wage controls.
  • Labor representatives on the board, who opposed wholesale wage controls, were outvoted nine to three.
  • Includes cuts in social services and public-sector wage controls.
  • However, the Act tied wage controls to prices.
  • And after World War II, unions scooped up millions of more workers, fed up with wage controls.
  • Ulivo : Wants to continue recent wage control pacts agreed on by unions to keep inflation down.
  • Central bank spokesman Martin Svehla said the government's decision to end wage controls may be too early.
  • Nevertheless, certain measures he implemented, such as censorship, wage controls, and conscription, proved unpopular with the party.
  • During the buildup to the 1952 steel strike, the WSB imposed nationwide wage controls on January 26, 1951.
  • Accordingly, price and wage controls were then incrementally abolished and on June 21, 1948, the new Deutschemark was introduced.
  • Labor leaders at home were reporting restiveness against wartime wage controls, and American families everywhere were tired of sacrifice.
  • Heh .  One thing seriously wrong with medicine in These United States goes back to WW2 wage controls.
  • If wage controls artificially compressed market forces, one would have expected inequality to grow sharply when the controls were lifted.
  • He recommended government intervention in markets such as employment guarantees and wage controls to influence the redistribution of economic rewards.
  • As UAW Canadian Director, McDermott led a campaign against wage controls being implemented by the government of Pierre Trudeau in 1975.
  • Meat also began disappearing from grocery store shelves and Americans protested wage controls that didn't allow wages to keep up with inflation.
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